4 Jazz Songs


4 Jazz Songs

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These 4 songs are included in my book ”Jazz Studies - Your Way into Jazz” available als eBook und iOs-App (Saxophones -English) - Informations at: www.martinstolz.de

The song’s level of difficulty complies to advanced students, already having knowledge of the basics of Jazz like phrasing and rhythm.

The 4 Jazz tunes contain the most common song forms in Jazz: 
Blues, diatonic chords (like e.g. in Autuum Leaves), Rhythm Changes and a Ballad (Misty).

Beside the melody there as well is a transcribed solo for each tune (listening example).

For every song there is a video playing the melody and the solo (listening example), a leadsheet with playalong - here you can play along to the music; either play the solo I play or play your own one and a sheet with the whole song for printing out or just playing.

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